Elastic Tapes Manufacturer

When it comes to webbing, cords, tapes, and straps, quality should be the utmost priority. However many companies have created overly-commercialized products that have affected the product’s quality and durability. Swaraj Narrow Fabrics focuses on manufacturing highest quality elastic tapes, polypropylene webbing, and tie down straps for luggage, automotive, agriculture, and garment industries. With the […]

Polypropylene Webbing

Economically great, strong and durable, polypropylene webbing (or polypro) is among the most popular webbing material that can be used on repairs and on starting new projects. Polypropylene webbing is a soft, strong, and flexible woven fabric made out of thermoplastic resins. This versatile material is available in many color variants, mildew and rot resistance, […]

Tie Down Straps

Most commonly referred to as “tie downs or lashing straps”, tie down straps are essential for holding down and securing cargo, personnel, and equipment for transportation or as a safety measure. Although tie down straps have many uses, it is not advised to use the product outside its purpose. Variations and Types Tie down straps […]

Elastic Tapes

Elastic adhesive tapes are mainly used to combat pain and prevent muscle injuries, and sometimes used to treat physical disorders. Able to stretch up to more than twice its original length, elastic tapes are designed to provide the elasticity needed for dynamic dressings and support strappings and can provide a great range of motion allowing […]