Elastic Tapes

Elastic adhesive tapes are mainly used to combat pain and prevent muscle injuries, and sometimes used to treat physical disorders. Able to stretch up to more than twice its original length, elastic tapes are designed to provide the elasticity needed for dynamic dressings and support strappings and can provide a great range of motion allowing it to stay on nicely and securely even with heavy activities like dancing and sports. Elastic therapeutic tapes can be applied to difficult areas like elbows, shoulders, and knees without any awkward problems. Due to the tape’s recoiling qualities, it can generally be used to facilitate joint motion and can help correct the alignment of weak muscles.

Traditional Tapes versus Elastic Adhesive Tapes

As compared to the traditional white athletic tape that doesn’t stick well on hair and fur and has a tendency to lose its adhesiveness over time, elastic adhesive tapes can stay on even over animal hair for up to four days depending on the elastic tapes manufacturer. In general, elastic tapes doesn’t shake off easily – making it useful on dogs, horses, and other animals, while the cotton fibers allow for a much quicker drying and evaporation rate even extending its wear time further allowing it to be left on for longer periods without the need of reapplication. Because of its adhesiveness and durable dynamic design, Elastic medical tapes are used by vets and doctors world-wide.

Benefits in Sports and Activities

Elastic adhesive tapes or bandages provide compression support suitable for high-stress activities like sports. As an overwrap, elastic sports tapes provide additional stress support, can help prevent and manage sport-related injuries and can minimize muscle swelling by lifting the skin to increase blood flow and circulation of lymphatic fluids.

Elastic Medical Tape – Essential Your First Aid Kit

By properly applying the tape to the affected muscle, elastic therapeutic tapes can help alleviate the pain from disability and injuries and provide a significant pain relief as to having no treatment at all. Once the wound is dressed and the bleeding is controlled during an emergency, you can wrap the patient with an elastic medical tape to secure the wound longer and prepare the patient for transportation. Elastic medical tapes are no doubt a great product to include in your medicine cabinet and first aid kits.